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Cascina Del Pozzo

World of Wine Guide Imports currently represents Cascina Del Pozzo in Florida.

There are faces and eyes in the history of the company. Broad shoulders and hands that shape a family affair come from the past to the present. A Giovanni Marchisio, grandfather and founder, had the foresight to have traced a route: one that leads to the land and its fruits. From him Cascina Del Pozzo learned the attachment to the values ​​and passion for a job that can not be taken lightly.

Under Gianmario, the company continues to evolve.

The wine is a matter of choice, and there is a philosophy behind each choice. Cascina Del Pozzo chose tradition as a guiding principle of each step of the process. Because there is no Cascina Del Pozzo without the land. 13 hectares of horizons and hills in the land of Castellinaldo, under the sky of Roero.

Located in Piedmont(Roero): a combination that does not need much, if any, to produce high quality wines with passion. Only varieties that are combined with the history of the land that surrounds Cascina Del Pozzo: Arneis, Dolcetto, Barbera and Nebbiolo, are grown. Those are their most precious gems, and they stay true to their roots and dedicate the winery to making the best possible wines with what the land gives them. In return they hope for healthy fruits; juicy and fragrant. To make it to the cellar, only the best fruits of the vineyards on the property are used.

The structures and technologies that are used are advanced. The wine cellar is new and spacious, ideal for grapes and to give them the attention they require. Throughout the aging and ripening process Cascina Del Pozzo follow the pivotal concept of tradition strictly using large steel tanks and wood barrels. As a result, they leave it to you to judge. Their wines walk for the world. We welcome you you to join us!


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